Bayview Book Lists

Information on School Book Purchasing

Option 1: Online Ordering (preferred)

Click the following links to visit the Warrnambool Books’ Book Lists Ordering Page.

Bayview Year 7: BAYCOL7

Bayview Year 8: BAYCOL8

Bayview Year 9: BAYCOL9

Bayview Year 10: BAYCOL10


Bayview VCE Novels: BAYNOVVCE

These links may not work until the next round of book lists are made available.



Option 2: Paper Order Form

If Online Ordering is not convenient, please pickup a booklist from Bayview Reception.

Please Note: The documents below are Only Samples

BAYCOL-07-sample395.3 KiB313
BAYCOL-08-sample395.8 KiB119
BAYCOL-09-sample238.8 KiB104
BAYCOL-10-sample434.8 KiB102
BAYCOL-VCE-sample286.7 KiB149
BAYVIEW-VCE-NOVELS 2015-sample214.4 KiB82